Artist's Statement

"I've worked in many mediums over the years but now I have found my greatest joy - seed beads. The work is meticulous, monotonous, painstakingly slow - and for some bizarre reason - I adore every minute of it! Color, texture and light combine in such a way as to create a whole new luscious sense. I am drunk with beads and hope to stay that way!"


"I work primarily with size 11 glass seed beads, all types and co lors. Although many different stitches are often incorporated, the majority of my work is comprised of the peyote stitch, one bead at a time. It is challenging to create three dimensional pieces, and very satisfying, too. My method of working involves a lot of trial and error, which often entails redoing a particular part over and over until I get it just the way I want it."


• Northwest Designer Craftsmen
• Pratt Fine Arts Center
• American Craft Council
• Center for the Study of Beadwork
• The Northwest Bead Society
• Surface Design Association

Liz has travelled extensively, most often to Japan and China. She is an avid collector of folk art from around the world. This has had a great influence on her work. See Awards!
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